The Priory Motorhome Fleet expands further

At Priory, we started the New Year with a bang. Fresh off the production line, we’ve just taken delivery of the latest additions to our motorhome fleet and we’re pretty excited to show them off. Our motorhome fleet is always being updated with our oldest motorhomes typically move on after four years, you’ll always be able to choose from only the most recent models.

Will you be amongst the first to test out the absolute latest in luxury motorhomes?



Autotrail Tribute 615 Hi LineTribute 615 Hi Line Motorhome

Starting at £78.00 per day, the Tribute 615 Hi Line is amongst the most compact of this year’s coachbuilt motorhomes. Based on a Fiat Ducato chassis, the 615 Hi Line, can accommodate up to four people in comfort and style.

With a built in shower, toilet and kitchen, you’ll be amazed at how cleverly the space has been used and how tastefully the motorhome has been decorated.

There opposing lounge seats of the generous living area can comfortably seat six, with an additional two seat being offered by rotating the driver and passenger seat. Perfect for those looking to do a bit of entertaining on site.

At night, the lounge seats quickly convert into an equally generous double bed, with an additional double bed nestled cosily above the cab.




Auto Trail Tribute 726 Hi LineTribute 726 Hi Line Motorhome

Longer and larger than the  615, the Tribute 726 Hi Line helps you pack more into your family holiday. With all the advantages of it’s smaller cousin, but with more space and two more berths, If the kids have always wanted bunk beds, they’ll be delighted to find the 726 Hi Line comes fully equipped.

Despite the larger living space, the 726 won’t feel much larger to drive, nor is it much more expensive; you can hire this motorhome from £94.00 per day, ensuring you’ll find being at the helm of your family adventure a joy as you take to the road in style.



Roller TeamPegaso 740Pegaso 740 Motorhome

There are luxury motorhomes and there are Elite motorhomes, the Pegaso 740 being very definitely the latter. If you’re looking for the last word in style and comfort, then you’re likely to find that the Pegaso caters to your every whim. With all the features of a luxury hotel room, but priced from a mere £117 a day, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the open road.

With four berths, including a luxurious island bed at the rear, tasteful lighting throughout and the most opulent premium features, it’s the closest you can get to a luxury yacht while still being on the land.



Which of our latest motorhomes would you choose?

We’re always looking for the very latest in style and performance to keep our discerning customers happy and we’re sure you’ll be absolutely delighted to take yourselves and your families out on the road in these fabulous new machines.

Which of this trio of motorhomes would you most like to take on a grand tour? Get in touch to make your booking and be amongst the first to enjoy these brand new beauties!