How owning a motorhome makes your life more wonderful.

It’s a well-known phrase, “An Englishman’s home is his castle”.  Your house is a place of peace and tranquillity, a place where you live, relax and store your worldly possessions. A place you return to at the end of a trying day, a place to call your own and share with your nearest and dearest. What if you had a smaller castle? A castle with wheels? A more mobile place of peace in which you and your family could relocate at whim and explore the word entirely at your own pace? That’s what a motorhome is. Not just vehicle, nor just a big car you can sleep in, it’s a home you can take with you, a freedom machine.

If hiring a luxury motorhome from Priory has become a regular and welcome fixture in your holiday calendar, you might be ready to take the next step and make a permanent space on your drive for a motorhome of your very own.


Adventure on demand

As easy as we make our booking process, when you hire a luxury motorhome from us you’ll still have to book in advance, make your way to us, fill in at least a little paperwork and then load your cases and family before hitting the road. Owning a motorhome of your own, no booking is required and for the most part, you can probably leave much of your road trip essentials packed. Simply roll out of bed, decide you want to go on an adventure and you can be counting the miles within an hour.


Build up a relationship

Any time you step out of a familiar vehicle and into one you’re not familiar with, it can take a while to adjust. From trying to get the mirrors in the right place, finding the controls to adjust the steering wheel and drivers seat, to finding storage for your maps, snacks and sunglasses. It’d be so much easier to jump in a driver’s seat you’re accustomed to, where it’s all set up how you like it and there’s still a packet of wine gums in the glove compartment. That’s the beauty of owning a motorhome, there’s no awkward period of adjustment, accidentally hitting the windscreen wipers when you meant to indicate. Your home on wheels greets you like an old friend, you know where everything is and how everything works. What could be more be a more convenient or more relaxing start to a road trip adventure?


Parting is no longer such a sweet sorrow

If you’ve hired a luxury motorhome from us, spent a few days, a week, or maybe a fortnight of freedom out on the open road, you’ll no doubt have built up a bit of an attachment to your faithful four-wheeled friend. It’s carried you and your family in complete safety, helped you explore in comfort and taken you and your loved ones on an escapade where you’ll have no doubt made some memories which will last you a lifetime. You may have talked to your motorhome under your breath when no-one could hear, your family may even have named it and then, at the end of your escapade, you’ll have to unpack and with regret hand it back to us.

Owning a motorhome of your own, you’ll have to do no such thing. Your new set of supersize wheels can well and truly become part of the family, Chances are you’ll spend as much time as you can out on the road, or even just adding a new fitting or fixture to your mobile castle. We predict it’ll have a name of its own within weeks and play a tremendous role in the life of your family, bringing you all closer together as you explore far and wide in your very own motorhome.


Check out our older models ready for retirement

At Priory, we want our customers to hit the road in only the newest and latest luxury motorhomes. We retire our older models at around four years old, which for a vehicle built on a commercial chassis is barely broken in. This means that a used motorhome from Priory is a smart way route motorhome ownership enabling you to pick up a still very modern and barely used motorhome for around half the cost of a new model.

Check out our motorhomes for sale page and maybe arrange to hire the motorhome you’re interested in buying. If you love it so much you end up buying it, we’ll refund the hire cost. Our gift to you for giving one of our girls a home.