There is nothing worse than when you hire a motorhome and you spend a few of your days on holiday inside your motorhome unable to go out because of bad weather.

Depending on the age of your children the older the easier it is for them to possibly relax and watch some TV. However for those of you with young children they simply want to play it’s in their nature. So Priory Rentals has put together some indoor activities to keep your young children entertained during those rainy days. With these ideas your kids will never be bored in your motorhome again.

These games also ensure that your little one’s stay active and keep on the move to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Scavenger Hunt

Before the game starts you must hide a number of items around the house.

You must give each player a list of objects to find and collect within a given length of time.

Write the list on a paper bag, which can then be used for collecting the items. The list can be made up of any house hold items and the first to collect all items on the list is the winner.

Colouring Books

It doesn’t always have to be games and activities in your motorhome. Sometimes there really is nothing better than letting your older children watch tv whilst your younger children enjoy some colouring in. Colouring books are very cheap but on those rainy days they really do become handy.

Postman’s Holiday

You will need lots of planning time for this activity. You need ten boxes, each with a posting slot and labelled with a different town or street name. Colours or shapes can also be used for the younger kids.

The boxes must be hidden around the motorhome. Each player gets ten envelopes, each one addressed to match each box. Starting from a central point, players pick up one envelope at a time, write their initials on the back, then run off to post it in the right box.

They then run back for another envelope and continue this, posting all ten envelopes.

When they have posted all their envelopes, open the boxes and check the envelopes inside, the player with the most posted correctly and in the fastest time wins

Volley Balloon

This is not always the safest game to play in your motorhome as it’s designed for a large motorhome. Stretch a piece of string across the motorhome and tape it to each wall. The height of the string should be determined by the ability of the children to hit balloons over it.

Use the string to act as a net and blow up balloons for the children to hit over the string to each other.

Start off with one balloon and add more if necessary for greater challenge and more fun.

Hot potato

This is a perfect game for families with more children.

The children must sit around in a circle and pass a beanbag while the music is playing. The children must pretending that the beanbag is hot potato.

When the music stops, the person holding the beanbag is out. The game continues until their is one person left in the circle.

Enjoy your motorhome holiday

Although these games are nothing special they are short filled fun games that will keep young children entertained when needed. The more prepared you can be for any scenario whilst on your holiday the better.