National read a road map day

National Read a Road Map Day

Every year, the 5th of April is dedicated to the art of navigating via paper map. For those of us who’ve spent a few decades behind the wheel, we’ll remember that the most useful book we ever owned was a tatty, torn, dog-eared A-Z. This is a far cry from today, where many cars come with built in GPS, sat-nav devices are cheap and freely available and most peoples phones are more than capable of navigating pretty much anywhere. In short, the skills we once took for granted, are fast becoming forgotten and National Read a Road Map Day is an attempt to remind us what we used to use before becoming reliant on electronic devices.


What do Sat-Nav’s do for us?

In a world where we rely on machines to make our decisions for us, it can be refreshing to take back full control and decide on our own route from start to finish. “But don’t I make the decisions when I specify a destination?” – It’s a fair point, of course you specify the destination,  that decision is most definitely yours, but how do you get there? From point A to point B, there are an almost infinite variety of routes to take, your sat-nav will usually decide for you and then instruct you which turns to take. So, from there you’re sacrificing self-determination for convenience and are entirely at the mercy of your device.

We’re not painting your GPS as a precursor to ‘Skynet’, rather, we’re pointing out that it can be strangely liberating if only for a day, to choose your own route and follow your own path. For those who’ve never used a paper map before, this could well be a challenging, but ultimately worthwhile experience.


But I don’t have any paper maps

For those of us who learned to navigate with our trusty A-Z, we might be surprised to know that some people don’t have one as a backup just in case their electronic device fails. If you found yourself in unfamiliar territory and your phone battery ran out, how would you find your way?

Even today, most petrol stations, book shops and supermarkets still carry stocks of bound road maps and we’d encourage everyone to keep one handy just in case. Admittedly, our own map books are looking decidedly less ‘well used’ than the ones we used to rely on before sat-nav became ‘a thing’. Why not grab a copy for your city or invest in a larger National map of motorways, A-roads and B-roads and challenge yourself to find your way to somewhere new without the aid of your Sat-Nav?


Discover somewhere new

Part of the magic of motorhome travel is the wonder of discovery. Taking yourself on an adventure, exploring new places and immersing yourself in unfamiliar surroundings can give you a new appreciation of the world around you. Make National Read a Road map day a day to indulge your sense of adventure, even if you’re not going on a grand voyage of exploration just yet. If however, a grand voyage of exploration is something you’d like to arrange, we’re always happy to help you set your inner explorer free. Speak to us about setting off on a grand adventure in a luxury motorhome. With or without your paper map!