With this summer being the “hottest on record” it’s going to be full of holiday makers flocking to the shores of every major tourist destination in the UK. If you’re the kind of person that likes their tranquillity then here is our road trip pick of the best places you can travel to in a motorhome and embrace the stunning scenery and the perfect Scottish climate.

Loch Avich – day one

loch avish road trip

Loch Avich is a lake set up in the remote region of the southern ScottisHighlandsds. The lake its self is only accessible to the north by car so you may need to set up camp on the north bank and go for a hike to be able to explore its beauty in full. It is a total of 5 hours and 57 minutes from our centre in Northwich so if you were to leavmid-dayay you would get there well in advance to be able to see the sun set over the great lake.

Avon Loch – day two

Avon road trip

This is a stunning lake hidden away around 4 KM accent from the nearest road. The lake its self is something of an untouched beauty with is cold soft blue waters and the soft smooth bed rock underneath. If you want solitude this is where you will find it. The drive from Loch Avich to Loch Avon is a 132 mile drive taking around 3 and a half hour’s depending on weather conditions. Well earning a place on our road trip list and allowing you to be able to get there with a large chunk of the day left to explore its beauty. If you fancy a swim in the summer’s heat then you can go for it as the rock under the lake is completely smooth and pebble like.

Lochnagar – day three

Lochnagar road trip

When you park at location at the bottom, you will need to climb the mountain on the same side of the road as you parked. This will take you up to very high moorland with stunning surrounding views of the Scottish highlands and lakes. The aesthetics of the Mooreland its self make the whole journey worth wile and it is a must see if you’re looking to road trip Scotland.

Plodda Fall’s – day 4

Wikimedia Commons Attribution: Neil McWhirr


Although the actual water fall is not so quiet and untouched, a short two mile hike or drive into the tree line is. This makes the water fall more of a stop off point or a must see on your tour rather than a destination. We would recommend going to see the water fall in the day before moving on and camping in the tranquillity of the Scottish forestland to the North West. The journey here from Lochnagar will take around 3 and a half hour’s depending on weather conditions and should be around 110 miles. (New roads are being built on the way so it may be quicker by the time you go)

Loch Mullardoch – day 5

Loch Mullardoch road trip

This is a lake nestled in the mountain regions of Scotland. This lake is only advised to visit in summer because in the winter it can be unreachable by most vehicles, including aircraft. The river leading into the lake can flood when there is snow or rain, this makes it impassable and makes the water level of the lake rise. When parking please stick to the narrow lane on the side of the lake as it has been built on a slight angle to prevent it flooding. The drive from Plodda falls should take you around 45 minutes depending on weather conditions and it a beautiful country drive through the mountains and forest land of Scotland. You will have breath taking views from onto of a cliff face for the majority of your journey.


As the places above are very remote then not all satellite navigation systems can get you there or to the nearest possible point. Type these co ordinates into any smart phone or satnav for precise directions to the nearest possible parking and camping location.

Loch Avich – 56.277550, -5.361986

Avon Loch – 57.134517, -3.671154

Lochnager – 56.949869, -3.406000

Ploda Falls – 57.273945, -4.863228

Loch Mullardoch – 57.339743, -4.961438

We recommend using the T-Line 590 Luxury 4 Berth when it comes to navigating these remote locations as its large amount of luxuries yet small size makes it perfect for navigating the highlands with ease.