See the Blackpool Illuminations in Style


With their origins in 1879, the annual Blackpool Illuminations has been an institution in one of England’s most popular and most recognisable seaside tourist hotspots for well over a century. Taking nearly four months to set up, comprising over a million bulbs and covering a stretch of Blackpool’s famous promenade 10 kilometres (over 6 miles) long, tourists flock to the historic seaside resort to enjoy the spectacle and to spend time enjoying Blackpool itself. For good reason, the Illuminations are known as the ‘Greatest Free Light Show on Earth’. Why not arrange motorhome hire, stay in luxury and see them in style?

Get a Commanding View of the Blackpool Illuminations

While the Blackpool Illuminations are lit, visitors flock to the seaside to take in the spectacle. Many people drive along the road next to the promenade, so naturally, traffic travels very slowly due to the congestion, which, for once, isn’t a problem as it allows you time to see it all in detail.

While seeing the illuminations from a car is a perfectly good way to take them in, a far better view can be had from the elevated position and wider field of view you’ll get from the cab of a motorhome, allowing you to get a better view of this year’s themed spectacle.


When Can I See The Blackpool Illuminations?

Each year, the Illuminations are switched on around the time of the new academic year and switched off around bonfire night giving visitors a window of roughly three months to visit Blackpool and take in the spectacle. This year the Blackpool Illuminations were switched on on the last day of August and can be enjoyed all the way through to the 4th of November.


A Brief History Of The Blackpool Illuminations

The history of the illuminations seems quite surprising by modern standards. In the late 19th century, street lighting was almost exclusively gas powered and electric light a new technology. As an experiment, 8 electric lights were installed on Blackpool’s promenade spread just over 300 metres apart. Believed to be the first electric street lighting in the world (described as ‘Artifical Sunshine’ at the time), the experiment was such a novelty, it was featured in the National press and up to 100,000 people visited Blackpool to see the spectacle.

Thirty-five years later, to mark the visit of Princess Louise, who was due to open a new stretch of the promenade, (Princess Parade) and ‘Garland Lights’ comprising of 10,000 bulbs were commissioned to decorate the prom’ in her honour. This being the first instance of what we’d now recognise as the Blackpool Illuminations.


Motorhome Hire – Stay in Style for the price of a decent B&B

Driving all the way to Blackpool to see the Illuminations and driving back straight away would be a bit of a wasted opportunity, so why not stay for a day or two? As a historic seaside resort, Blackpool isn’t short of places to stay, but their price, quality and availability are variable to say the least. A much better option is to hire a motorhome so you can get a better view of the illuminations as well as having a luxurious place to sleep and a ‘base of operations’ once you’ve seen them. Blackpool has four to five car parks which can be used for staying in a motorhome overnight, but it’s worth noting that no outside equipment or seating can be set up. Typically it costs just £12 for a 24 hour stay.


Check out our range of luxury motorhomes for hire and make your booking to make your next trip to the illuminations even more memorable.