Six Key Reasons Why Priory Rentals Car Hire Could Work For You

Car hire has become more and more popular in recent years for the endless benefits this gives the modern family or business alike. Here are six reasons why priory rentals car hire might be a great idea for you.

More Space in a Rental Car

A hire car offers a wide array of benefits that cater towards convenience and efficiency. Firstly, there is a possibility of a large headcount or large amount of luggage. This could result in having to take more than one vehicle or using public transport. Priory Rentals offers cars for hire that can alleviate this by offering MPV or minibus’ making the hire car option very convenient. This allows you to be able to take more luggage or account for more people you may pick up, on the way to your desired destination.

There are also the benefits of the hire car being more economically efficient. This is simply through the travel costs. A Priory Rentals minivan can sit 14 people. This means that hiring a minibus for large groups can be a lot cheaper. This could be for a large family outing or maybe to get everybody to a family event such as a wedding.

Comfort factors should also apply, if you live in an area that is relatively high in traffic then you may have a small car. Small cars on very long journeys can quickly become uncomfortable. This in turn making people opt for the alternative of renting a car for comfort and a lot more space.

Mileage Restrictions on Your Car

More often than not vehicles are restricted with mileage limits. This could be through either the insurance companies set limit or a finance contract. Some cars may even have restrictions due to value as the more miles they travel the more they devalue. This in turn stops you being able to take advantage of the car you own. Using a hire car allows this restriction to be lifted; letting you drive on long holidays to the edges of the UK or even Europe.

Business Use of a Rental Car

Vans and higher-class vehicles have been in more demand for business sector use in the recently years for three main reasons. Firstly, a lot of small or start up businesses in the UK that look to hire cars to make that first impression count on future clients, adding to the wow factor of their appearance to the bigger more wealthier companies. Secondly, there is the aspect of some companies needing vans or other transport for a small number of days. There could be an office move or simply a job/task that requires more equipment than normal; this would need a bigger vehicle to be able to conduct that job/task.

Repairs to Your Car

When it comes to having a new or used car there is always going to be either the breaking down or MOT stage in every cars lifetime. People need to be able to travel to see friends or family or to be able to get to work daily, if your vehicle is being serviced in the MOT then you may need a short-term replacement. This is why rental cars are great; they have very short term and flexible contracts to be able to give you the time you need.

Used To City Life

Urban life in the UK has exploded in modern times with 81.5% of the UK’s population living in cities such as London or Manchester.  These concrete jungles have very strong transport links such as metro tram links, trains or buses. This is simply due to heavy traffic so people chose these transport methods over other alternatives, more so if they work close to their homes. This means that when a holiday period comes along to take the city slicker out of the city, they may need to look into a rental car to be able to get away with the family or their friends.

Test Drive Your Future Car

Priory Rentals offers rental vehicles such as the Audi A3, Ford Focus or the Volkswagen Polo. These are very popular models in the market now so there are therefore more and more people looking to rent these cars simply to see how they feel. This means that the consumer does not have to pay out thousands and regret their purchase. A thirty-minute test drive simply does not give some people a good enough chance to get to experience the full capabilities of a car. However, renting that model for a few days does. A three-day rental period on a vehicle gives you a more adequate time to experience the range of features this car has to offer you in day-to-day life and on the daily commute.

Contact Priory Rentals or look at our extensive range of rental cars if any of the above applies to your needs.