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More Affordable Ski Holidays

The weather’s getting colder as winter approaches and while some might already be longing for the return of the long warm days of summer, others have been waiting all year for the return of the snow and for the chance to once again follow the snow and take ski holidays at every opportunity.

Hurtling downhill at breakneck speed is, for avid skiers everywhere, a rush of unrivaled adrenaline, an experience of pure excitement and the closest they’ll get to unaided flying without growing a pair of wings. Once the lure of a fresh blanket of cold white bites, it doesn’t let go and the more chance fans of the sport get to visit the mountains, the happier they are. Unfortunately, ski holidays aren’t cheap holidays and will rapidly eat into any ski holiday budget.

When the ski season is in full swing, the cost of travel to popular ski resorts and accommodation is often very pricey, so why not make your ski holiday budget stretch further by making a single booking that takes care of both?


Hire a Luxury Motorhome for a more Affordable Ski Holiday

At Priory Rentals, we’re happy to make the arrangements so that one of our luxury motorhomes can be taken to the continent and many of our customers make use of them to make their ski holidays more affordable. No need to worry about fully booked chalets or hotels, expensive flights or baggage allowances, you’ll find that all things considered, that hiring a luxury motorhome is a far more cost effective option for your ski holiday. You are, of course, free to stock up on supplies en-route and cook your own meals so you’ll get to save money eating as well.


Motorhome Parking on a Ski Holiday

Motorhomes are particularly well catered for across Europe with an extensive network of motorhome specific and largely free stopovers called ‘Aires‘, there are, of course more regular campsites too. With this being the case, ski resorts across Europe have places where you can stay overnight either for free, or for a small fee. Facilities at Aires can be variable, but fresh water, waste disposal, power etc aren’t uncommon. Of course, you get to pick your own spectacular mountain view at no extra charge!


Driving a Motorhome in the Mountains

If you’re driving to a ski resort, naturally you’d expect a little snow on the road, but you shouldn’t find driving a problem. Of course, you should adjust your driving to suit the conditions, but for the most part, the parts of Europe at the altitude where snow is common, are also well accustomed to keeping the roads clear and driveable, however, do pay attention to the driving laws of the countries you’r driving in, you may be required to carry and to fit tyre chains, so please let us know your plans so that we can advise further.


A Budget Ski Holiday Needn’t Be a Compromise

Much of the time, spending less means getting less, but this isn’t so with a luxury motorhome. While you may spend a little more time travelling to your European ski destination, a road trip in a motorhome is a holiday in itself and without the hassle of baggage checks, airport taxis and cramped cabins, travelling is a pleasure and you won’t mind taking your time.

Once there though, you’ll find that you’ve brought accommodation with you that’s far more luxurious than many of the your fellow skiers are staying in and are paying far more for the privilege. Nestled in the warm cosy cabin of your motorhome, with all the modern conveniences you’ll wonder why every skier doesn’t stay in a motorhome.

Ultimately, paying less for your ski holidays means that you can have more of them and enjoy yourself more while you’re there.

Contact us to find out about booking the most affordable ski holiday you’re likely to experience and prepare yourself for a spectacular, yet frugal ski adventure.