Streamline Your SCUBA Diving Holiday with Motorhome Hire

Make a Motorhome Your mobile SCUBA Diving Base

Whether you’re a SCUBA Diving advocate of PADI, or a BSAC stalwart (or possibly both) there’s little that matches the pleasure of being able to breathe freely underwater and explore interesting and unique dive sites the world over. There are innumerable well known and well supported dive spots and dive centres, but for those looking for a little more from their diving, it’s often worthwhile to find lesser known or even unknown sites to explore (safely with a buddy or two).

Whether you’re looking to dive off the beaten trail, or simply dive in as many different places than possible, you can get more out of your SCUBA diving holiday by arranging motorhome hire from Priory Rentals.


Why Hire a Motorhome for SCUBA Diving?

For many SCUBA diving expeditions and day trips, it’s a simple matter of throwing your gear in the car and heading off to your dive site of choice, but for travelling further afield, or making a weekend of it (or longer), overnight accommodation is a must and that involves lugging your equipment from your car to your room and back, or taking a chance and leaving it in the boot. This is where a motorhome is far better than your usual car and B&B combo.

  • Better access to your equipment – Most motorhomes have an externally accessible compartment which is easily big enough for all of your SCUBA gear and is also lockable. These lockers are also completely separate to the living area which means you can travel in comfort without your gear getting in the way – a real bonus after a dive when it’s also wet and smelly! These lockers usually have a lower loading height than most car boots, so there’s less lifting involved storing your air tank too.
  • Fresh Water on board – While a motorhomes fresh water tank is usually used for showering, drinking and washing dishes, there’s plenty of it in a full tank, which means you’ll be able to rinse off your gear straight after a dive as well, just don’t forget to top it up again when you get the chance!
  • A mobile meeting room – Putting together your dive plan immediately before a dive feels far better when you’re all sat comfortably round a table rather than doing it over the bonnet of a car.
  • A great place to relax post dive – Once you’ve finished your SCUBA diving for the day, stowing your equipment, showering and chilling out with your dive buddies can all be done so much faster when your equipment locker, bathroom and lounge are all parked right next to your dive site.
  • Pack up and move on at a whim – Once you’ve enjoyed your dive, you can set off for the next site the moment you feel like it, just be aware of your residual nitrogen if there are any hills in between!


Go on a SCUBA Diving Tour in a Motorhome

If you have a week or two to spare and you want to spend it SCUBA diving, then hiring a motorhome from Priory Rentals allows you to travel further and dive more, making it the perfect way to get the most diving done in your precious time off work. Contact us to book a luxury motorhome and get ready for an adventure over land as well as underwater!