Summer 2018 - The Summer of the Staycation

Savvy Holidaymakers swap their package tours for a Staycation

With the Euro gaining strength against the Pound and incomes being squeezed, British holidaymakers are eschewing package tours and all inclusive resorts for remaining within the UK and rediscovering the British Isles. Before the introduction of cheap flights and accessible foreign holidays, what we now refer to as a ‘staycation‘ was the norm. Could the resurgence in stay at home holidays fuel the return of historically popular UK resorts to their former glory? We certainly hope so.

For the cash-conscious holidaymaker, the prospect of not needing to worry about the relatively low value of sterling and having no additional cost of currency conversion make staying in the UK a smart choice. There’s so much to see and to experience around this ‘green and pleasant land’ that one could spend a lifetime without leaving it and never become bored or visit the same place twice. In fact, spending a week, or a fortnight in the same spot seems a waste of the opportunity to see as much of the Country as you can. Rather than being tied to a single ‘base’ which you have to return to at the end of each day, why not hire a luxury motorhome and broaden your horizons?

A Staycation needn’t be a compromise this Summer

Touring the country in a luxury motorhome is the best way to cram as much as possible into your precious holiday weeks. You can move around whenever and wherever you please, without having to plan and book accommodation well in advance (always a nuisance if it’s multiple hotel rooms) or risk the price premiums of last minute hotel bookings (which for a hotel of equivalent quality to one of our motorhomes will almost always be far more expensive). All that planning and booking, packing and unpacking, checking in and checking out, eats into the time and money you should be spending doing what you enjoy.

In truth, luxury accommodation, in which you only need to pack/unpack at the start and end of your trip, in which you pick the view you want every day and which can take you wherever you please at a moment’s notice seems a much better prospect than a hotel stay, either at home or abroad. It seems counter to logic that as well as being by far the superior option, it’s often far cheaper than either. But it often is much cheaper.


Explore the UK this Summer in a Motorhome Staycation

From John O’Groats to Land’s End, from building sandcastles on the beach, to exploring our rich heritage, there’s so much to see and do, we challenge you to get as much as you can done and to see as much of his Great Nation as you can this summer. We’re expecting a surge of bookings for Motorhome staycations this summer, so to avoid missing out get in touch soon to make your booking and get ready to take your family on a Grand Tour of this ‘Sceptered Isle’.