Taking a Christmas Break in a Motorhome

An Alternative Christmas Break

With Christmas fast approaching the shops are already filling with festive treats and it already becomes difficult to avoid the countdown to yuletide. All grumbles aside about Christmas being so far away, of it being over commercialised and mostly idle assertions about taking a break from it this year, we know it’ll soon be here faster than we think, so have you thought about how you’ll spend your Christmas break?


Your Dream Destination is all booked up

When it comes to perfect winter breaks, chances are that many are booked up months in advance, so even now, with plenty of time to spare, there may already be no room at the inn. If you’re faced with leaving it yet another year, staying too far away from the Christmas attraction you’ve set your heart on, or booking the kind of accommodation that’d put a dampener on even the most festive spirit, why not take a better option? From fancy hotels to run down hostels, everywhere seems to put prices up in accordance with the laws of supply and demand. Campsites, however, are in low demand and our luxury motorhomes have onboard facilities to rival all but the most glamorous hotels. It’s not often Christmas is a more affordable time for anything, but take a Christmas break in a motorhome and you’ll be surprised at how cheap it is compared to other options.


A Christmas Break on the road

Away from towns and shopping centres, the roads are relatively peaceful around the festive period. If you’re not tied down to staying at home this Christmas, why not take a Christmas Break with a difference and find out how everyone does Christmas elsewhere? Maybe several Elsewheres! Hire a luxury motorhome, decorate it with a small tree and some tinsel if you like and pack up your family in your mobile grotto to experience the festive spirit wherever the road takes you. You’re not limited to where you go, so why not catch a ferry and get festive on the Continent? Surely spending your Christmas break touring several countries will make your Christmas far more magical?


Taking a Break From Christmas

If you’re serious about using your Christmas Break to disappear until the festivities have passed you by, we can help you there. Why not treat yourself to a motorhome adventure and use the period of relative calm on the roads (away from the shops anyway) to go on a winter road-trip, explore the continent or failing that, to find the most isolated spot of woodland you can and spend a week or two in peace?


Use the Christmas Break To See Friends and Family

With conflicting schedules and busy lives, it seems hard to find the time to see your nearest and dearest. Especially those who aren’t so near. The Christmas Break is often the best time to catch up with friends and family as most are likely to be off work or school at around the same time. With friends and families often living far away, however, it can still be hard to arrange for the family to visit, especially when the distance is so great it requires an overnight stay and you may also have several other people to see, perhaps in several other places.

Rather than trying to tackle the logistical nightmare of multiple visits, couch surfing and room sharing for yourself and your family as you ‘do the rounds’, a better option would be to hire a luxury motorhome which allows for comfortable travel, plenty of space and bringing your own beds. Taking some of the stress away from visiting your far-flung friends and relatives.


Make your Christmas Break Magical

A luxury motorhome isn’t a one-horse open sleigh, but o’er the miles you’ll go, laughing all the way. Taking a Christmas break in a luxury motorhome is a fabulous and surprisingly affordable way to make your festive season a wonderful one. Perhaps you’ll have to be a little creative hiding the presents, but the true gift you’ll be giving your family as you enjoy your alternative festive getaway is a truly memorable experience which you’ll all treasure for years to come.

Book a motorhome for your Christmas Break and prepare for a magical experience!