When you think of the motorhome, you probably think of the huge goliaths that take to the road these days. However, 100 years ago, motorhomes could not have been more different. Take a look at the history of the motorhome for yourself.

1910 – Touring Landau

Touring Landau

This was the first ever motorhome design, it was released in Madison Square Garden’s in 1910 and was a conversion on the automobile at the time. It was basically a cart, which was given folding seats to be able to fold out and sleep on and in turn was the motorhome at its most primitive. This motorhome only actually had the bed due to its era and primitive state, meaning in turn, there was no electric, no showers or storage and in turn, it was a simple folding seat and chamber pot.

1937 – Ford House Car

Ford house Car 1937

This was a more advanced version of the touring Landau, still featuring no toilet; this motorhome had an actual bed and a desk area in the rear giving it a less primitive feel and a more homely aesthetic. This was the basis for the motorhomes we see today, with it having the larger size and shape followed with the VW Camper style-expanding roof for extra headroom. Its little features liked this that paved the way for motorhomes of the future.

1947 – VW Camper

vw camper Priory Rentals

The VW Camper is the biggest motor icon of the 50’s and 60’s with its rounded design and hippy aesthetic. This, in turn, makes the VW Camper a very infamous motorhome. Although the motorhomes themselves still did not feature many of the features they do today, they took a huge jump in the way of facilities from the Ford House Car to the VW Camper. The camper itself houses a larger interior with a full bed and even a cooking system in many models. It also has the option to be able to have the interior removed or have the interior changed entirely. This is one of the main reasons for their success.

1966 – Winnebago

Winnebago - Priory Rentals

Winnebago changes the shape and image of motorhomes bringing them toilets and other facilities that were previously unseen. This new found technology and more efficient design made the Winnebago a massive success and in turn, it sold millions of motorhomes with this new design making it a classically well-known motorhome.

1973 – GMC Motorhome

GMC Motorhome - Priory Rentals

This was another iconic motorhome simply due to its high sales and popularity, combined with its long life and reliability. In turn making it a very desirable motorhome that a large number of people still use today. This motorhome was the first motorhome to be entirely built by one company and therefore gave the company complete control over the design and other aspects of the motorhome without having to adapt other mechanical parts from, vehicles.

1980 – Erbia-Hymer GmbH

Erbia-Hymer GmbH - Priory Rentals

This changed motorhomes for good and brought them to where they are now, the décor is a little rustic and the interior seems very 70’s, however do not be fooled. It was what is beneath the exterior that really brought the motorhomes to the modern age; things such as plug sockets, leisure batteries, the floor plan, the fold out beds and kitchen area. It all contributed to make the motorhome something of the future and this motorhome is still virtually the same as what we use today on the interior.