When it comes to Christmas, there’s always someone who’s impossible to buy for. The kind of person who already has everything they need and if they wanted it, they’d probably just go out and buy it without a second thought. The kind of impossible ‘Giftee’ who, when asked what they want for Christmas, says “I don’t know”, or worse still, says “Don’t worry about me, you don’t need to get me anything.”

Such people make gift buying far harder than it needs to be. You know you have to get them something, but what will you choose when they’re no help at all? Why not arrange motorhome hire with us and set off on a luxury motorhome adventure?


A 3 Day Christmas Break for less than you’d think

At Priory, we know how hard it is to buy a thoughtful Christmas Gift for a loved one who refuses to give you any clues, so we’ve put together a discounted three day mini break during the ‘limbo week’ between Christmas an New Year when everyone’s usually at a loss about what to do.

You can surprise the reluctant giftee with something truly thoughtful, as well as solve the annual problem of what to do during limbo week Saving you from a week filled with board games, James Bond repeats and eating leftover turkey. That would normally be two solutions for the price of one. Except, with our offer, the price is a bit lower than that.

From the 27th to the 30th of December, you can take one of our luxury motorhomes on an adventure of your choosing for a price even less than our usual ‘off-season’ rates. For example, two berths motorhomes start from as little as £250 for the three days.


Spread the cost of Christmas Gifts With Our Instalment Plan

Christmas is an expensive time of year, so as well as offering discounted motorhome hire, we can arrange for the cost your three day break to be split into two instalments to the 17th of December, making it even easier to treat your loved ones to a Christmas Gift they’ll remember for years to come.


Where Will You Go During ‘Limbo Week’?

While not all of our fleet are included in the offer, you can choose any size of luxury motorhome from the two berth models which are ideal for a couple to get away from it all over the festive break, all the way up to 7 berth models which are idea for large families, or just a bit of extra space. Great for a family adventure, or for visiting far away friends and taking your own beds so you don’t have to take the couch when you stay overnight.


A Motorhome Adventure Makes The Perfect Christmas Gift

Whether you’re buying a Christmas Gift for a loved one, or just looking to make better use of the time between Christmas and New Year, there’s never a bad time for a three day motorhome adventure. Contact us today to make your limbo week booking and give the gift of adventure this Christmas.