We are getting ready to hit the mid to high season with festival hires with our feet firmly running on the ground this year! A few of our customers have commented on previous years motorhome hiring scams which have been in the news which led to customers and celebrities being not only let down but losing money and having no motorhomes at the start of their holidays.

Here are a few of Priory Rentals top tips, not only to give you the confidence we are who we say we are, but also to stop you being ripped off….remember if a deal seems too good to be true it’s probably because it is!  Hire from a reputable company and take the time to follow our easy step guide! 

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Question Mark ImageCheck out the company you are hiring from.

  • May sound simple but get to know the company via the internet, check out their website…. remember anyone can build a good page, so put the companies name  into the search engine to see what it comes up with, are they on social media sites like facebook and twitter? Companies out to make a quick buck and rip unsuspecting customers off will not take the time to update their profiles and photos.  Look on Google maps at the premises they are hiring from, what does this show? A street view of someone’s house or a business premises? Can you see motorhomes or even company signs that say they trade from there?

Question Mark ImageWhat services do they offer?

  • A good company will already have self drive hire insurance and breakdown cover included in the price of your motorhome hire; this must be one of the first questions you ask! Some companies will charge you for everything including the kitchen sink; a good company will give you most as part of your hire package.  Ask what’s included before paying your deposit; it could be a very expensive trip if you don’t!  Do they offer transfers from airports for overseas customers?

Question Mark ImageDo they own their motorhomes?

  • Over the years a few websites turned up claiming they are the biggest motorhome hirers in the UK, this is simply not true! They are third party websites advertising individuals and other companies’ motorhomes and taking commission, whilst the latter (companies) should be ok as long as you check them out using this easy step by step guide the individually owned motorhomes should be treated with caution! They may be cheaper than well established companies, but do you really want to take the chance?  Invalid insurance or no insurance at all, not the same motorhome advertised, collecting from a home address under the cover of darkness only to find in day light there is subsequent damage which has not been listed that you may be held accountable for? 

Question Mark ImageWhat condition and age is the motor home?

  • The last thing you want is to get to the day of hire, turn up at the collection office only to find the motorhome you are hiring has past its hiring life, has 100,000 miles on the clock and you wouldn’t let your pets to sleep in it let alone you and your family!  ASK how old the motorhome is, are you guaranteed this model once you have paid the deposit?  Get photo’s of your chosen motorhome emailed to you, ask what the year of manufacture is and what is the current mileage, and if there been any damage to the vehicle.  Only hire from companies who can deliver what you are asking for, a good company will know their vehicles very well and will be able to assist with ease.

Question Mark ImageCan you view your chosen motor home in advance? 

  •  A good company will relish the chance to show off their motor homes to perspective customers and this also gives you the added chance to check out their premises, although most companies will need a little notice to ensure the motor home is available for viewing and not out on hire.  You will be able to meet with the staff, have a look around your vehicle of choice whilst talking through any queries or concerns you have before your holiday.

Question Mark ImageDo they offer midweek bookings in summer holidays?

  • Most good companies will greet this question with a smile and a no problem, as long as we have a motorhome available we are happy to accommodate your holiday’s needs.  Everyone understands there are peak times of the season and change over days maybe restricted.