Ever since we’ve been providing Motorhome hire at Priory Rentals, we can’t help but notice a motorhome or RV on TV and in films. It’s actually quite surprising how often they make an appearance. So we decided to compile a short list of our top 6 favourite Motorhomes that have featured or played a part in a Hollywood movie or popular TV show. I’m sure you will recognise them all.  So, our Top 6 motorhomes from film and TV – in no particular order:

Breaking Bad (2008)


Breaking Bad is a very popular TV show, featuring Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul).  In the show, ex-chemistry teacher Walter decides to cook methamphetamine to illegally generate money for his medical bills, and they decide to use an RV for use as a mobile lab so they can “cook” their product in the desert undisturbed.  The RV they use is a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder, nicknamed the “Krystal Ship”.

In the series, the motorhome was notorious for breaking down.  At one point, the battery goes completely flat leaving them trapped in the desert for several days until they find a way to get the engine started again.  Jesse also comments that he was always worried about the engine failing at traffic lights, leaving him open to getting busted by the Police.

The motorhome was often seen in the middle of the desert with various different coloured plumes of smoke coming from the roof dependent on the stage of the cooking process, which was often bright red or blue.  The RV appeared in Seasons 1, 2 and 3 where it was eventually crushed.  It was also shown in a flash back scene in Season 5.

Dusk Til Dawn (1996)


Dusk Til Dawn is 1996 movie, directed by Robert Rodriguez, and written by Quentin Tarantino.  It stars George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Quentin Tarantino and Juliette Lewis, and begins with two bank robbers (Clooney and Tarantino) trying to cross the Mexican border while on the run from the police.

The pair use the motorhome of a family travelling to Mexico to conceal their entry into the country.  The motorhome featured in the film is a 1978 Fleetwood Pace Arrow.  Ironically, the family get tangled up with the thieves because they decide to spend the night at a Motel on the way, despite being “self contained” as they describe it, with all the necessities included within their motorhome.

The motorhome makes it unscathed through the film, and features in the final scene where Juliette Lewis is seen driving off, while the camera pans to reveal the “secret” behind the biker bar.

Anchorman 2 (2013)


Anchorman 2 is a film starring Will Ferrell, as the 70s news anchor Ron Burgandy.  At the start of the movie when they’re driving to New York, the film features a 1972 AMC Gremlin that they are using for transportation.  The motorhome has a painting on the side of the vehicle showing Ron Burgandy with his arm around Jesus!

The scene is set when Ron is talking to the other members of the news team, and they are looking at the different items in the motorhome which include a deep fat fryer, a bag of bowling balls and even a terrarium full of scorpions.  Ron puts the vehicle on cruise control, assuming that it means the motorhome will drive itself rather than simply maintaining its current speed.  As a result the motorhome ends up rolling along the highway, and the crew are subjected to being hit mainly in the face and groin by the different items in hilarious slow motion.

Meet the Fockers (2004)

meet-the-fockers-motorhomeMeet the Fockers is the sequel to “Meet the Parents”, starring Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller.  De Niro plays the part of the father-in-law and ex CIA agent Jack Byrnes, who arrives at Ben Stiller’s parents house in a huge 2004 Fleetwood Pace Arrow Class A Motorhome.

Due to Jack’s history, the motorhome has some CIA style customisations.  These include:

“a custom-designed, climate-controlled motorcoach has a kevlar-reinforced hull, 2-inch plexiglass windows, interior and exterior CCTV cameras, a soundproof cockpit, a horn that plays Puff the Magic Dragon”

There is also a hi-tech super-secret command centre/laboratory underneath the motorhome. What more could you need?

Spaceballs (1987)

Top 6 motorhomes from film and TV spaceballs

Spaceballs is a 1987 parody of the Star Wars franchise, with a great cast including Mel Brooks (President Skroob), John Candy (Barf), Rick Moranis (Dark Helmet) and Bill Pullman (Lone Star).  Barf and Lone Star travel through space in the “Winnebago”, which is actually a modified 1986 Winnebago Chieftain, capable of travelling through hyperspace!

Most notably the registration of the Winnebago is “I love Uranus”.  Nothing rude, it is of course referring to the planet…  maybe.

Paul (2011)

Top 6 motorhomes from film and TV paul

Paul is a 2011 film about two British comic-book geeks that travel across the United States in a 1987 Winnebago Chieftain.  The pair are played by English duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and they encounter an alien called Paul just outside of Area 51, a CGI character with the voice of Seth Rogan. Realising that Paul was actually a prisoner of Area 51, and is now on the run from Federal agents, the pair help Paul to escape and return to his mothership.

The motorhome is featured a lot with all the main characters driving in the vehicle for large portions of the film.  There is some debate on the Internet Movie Car Database as to whether this is a 1987 or a 1988 Winnebago.  Some ask if the motorhome, also known as the Traveller Beagle is actually a fictional brand created for films.


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