Walking is a great way to get out and explore the countryside, but if you fancy taking in some spectacular views without getting tired, why not look into horse riding. So we have put together the best places to go horse riding in the UK. This way because Priory Rentals have our motorhome hire service, you can hire a motorhome and visit these locations whilst you’re on your next motorhome holiday. Two great ideas put together easily enough.

horse riding

Kilnsey Trekking Centre, Yorkshire Dales

Kilnsey trails head across the rolling hills and green valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, from the old lead mines at Grassington to Malham Tarn. This is where Charles Kingsley found the inspiration to write ‘The Water Babies’. Their treks are kept to a walking pace and are therefore suitable for beginners. This centre offers you the chance to explore moorland, farmland and country lanes from the comfort of a saddle. For more experienced visitors, Kilnsey offers rides that cover more ground at a faster pace. For the really intrepid explorer there are also two-day trail rides. If you take up the 2 day option be sure to hire a motorhome for accommodation.

Liberty Trails, Dartmoor

If you’re a confident rider who wants to try something a bit different, then this is the trip for you. Liberty Trails offers the opportunity to try your hand at Western riding on American Quarter Horses, without having to get on a plane to the States. Instead, you can unleash your inner cowboy across the wild and rugged landscape of Dartmoor, with its heather-strewn high ground and secluded valleys that remain largely untouched by man. If you’re lucky, you may even get the chance to help round up some cattle.

Tynings Trekking Centre, near Bristol

Nestled in the Mendip Hills ‘Area of Outstanding National Beauty’, Tynings not only has beautiful surroundings to ride in, but it also has the added benefit of a ‘No Road’ policy. All of the trails they use can be reached without setting a hoof on the public highway, so that even complete beginners can ride out safely.

The Mendips bridleway network allows access to thousands of acres of forestry and moorland, with spectacular views across seven counties. Novices riders can sit back and enjoy the scenery or watch out for the herds of Exmoor ponies that have been brought in to graze the upland heath, while for more experienced riders there are plenty of open tracks for a good canter.

Northfield Farm, Peak District

At 1518 feet above sea level, Flash is reputedly the highest village in England, which means that there are some pretty amazing views over the surrounding countryside. Northfield can cater for beginners and experienced riders alike. This means everyone can enjoy beauty spots such as Three Shires Head, where a bridge over the river marks the point where the counties of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire meet.

Murthwaite Green, Lake District

Located in the small coastal Cumbrian village of Silecroft, Murthwaite Green is just a short ride away from the beach: five miles of golden sand and shallow water that is the perfect place for a flat-out gallop. Even less experienced riders can experience a bit of speed if they wish, as Murthwaite will send out multiple ride escorts with mixed ability groups to allow everyone to ride at the pace that best suits them. You might want to take a change of clothes though. There’s nothing like horse riding through the shallows to get you absolutely soaked.

There are some great motorhome camping locations across the Lake District as well so you can always be sure somewhere if you wanted to visit here for the weekend in your motorhome.

T.M.International School of Horsemanship, Cornwall

Bodmin Moor has long inspired writers and artists with and riding out is one of the best ways to experience it for yourself. TM International treks will take you horse riding past burial cairns and Bronze Age stone circles, through abandoned copper and tin mine workings, and around prehistoric settlements. The stables are only 20 minutes away from the  Jamaica Inn which is a perfect pub for a post-ride lunch. The moor rides are not suitable for inexperienced riders, but TM International is happy to offer lessons to beginners until they are able to ride out safely.

If you are thinking or hiring a motorhome to enjoy some horse riding this summer, then why not take a look through our full motorhome range.