motorhome camping with a baby

The Priory Rentals team is growing and as we are waiting on the arrival of a new baby in the office we thought we would put together our top tips for camping with a baby.

Camping is a great family activity, whether you are a hardcore camper, seasonal or just occasional it is fantastic for all ages. However, taking a new baby on their first camping trip can be a bit scary. With these top tips you will have everything covered for a fun camping holiday.


Depending on how old your baby is you should have a Moses basket or travel cot. A travel cot also doubles as a good and safe playpen. It can get quite cold at nights so pack plenty of blankets to keep your little one warm, if your child is a wriggler or wants extra cosiness then we’d recommend getting them a grow bag/sleeping bag. If you are camping in colder weather then pack some sleeping mittens and hats as well. Space blankets are also good for insulating under blankets.


If your baby is small, it is recommended that you sterilise all bottles, you can do this using boiled water from the stove, or a top tip is to use a steam steriliser with Milton. Some camp sites have microwaves you can use for a steam steriliser but you would need to call ahead if you are relying on this. You can also get travel sterilising bags that are very handy which are bags to put all your bottles in with sterilising tablets in them.


Many babies will need formula, this needs to be prepared properly, you can prepare this using hot water from a stove or portable stove and let it cool, or you can also use the cartons of formula, invaluable when on the road. Breastfeeding babies are easy but make sure you have plenty of water to keep Mum hydrated.


Layers and more layers for your baby, this way you can take clothes off and put them on to keep them comfortable. Remember to bring waterproofs, especially if your baby is crawling or sitting, if they are not mobile or sitting then bring lots of blankets. It is great to get babies out in the fresh air from a young age.


You won’t want to be weighed down with too many accessories, but baby’s need stuff! You will need to bring your usual traveling items such as car seat, pushchair and day to day toys. In the summer a paddling pool is a great addition, it folds up and doesn’t use up too much space and can be used for fun or for washing. A travel cot also doubles up as a bed and a play pen for little babies. Don’t bring lots of toys, they will love being outside but do bring any home comforts like their favourite teddy. Space blankets make a great toy and are useful for insulation.


All of our Motorhomes have excellent facilities so you don’t have to worry about ‘roughing it’ with a newborn or small baby. If you don’t want to travel too far then check out some of the best Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire campsites.