Towing With a Motorhome - What Do You Need To Know?

Towing with a Motorhome – More Practical Than You’d Think

There are two ways to take a home on the road with you. The first is to use your car and hook it up a caravan, the second, of course it to use a motorhome where the accommodation and engine are part of the same fixed body rather than having an articulated join in the middle.

One of the ‘advantanges’ caravanners will quote when trying to suggest that their way is better, is the ability to unhitch their cars and use them as normal once they’ve arrived at their camping spots. Of course, this is a good argument, but they’re forgetting a couple of important points. Firstly, that motorhomes are perfectly capable of towing and can easily pull a trailer, with (for instance) a car on it. Secondly, being able to tow a caravan requires a large, powerful, heavy car which will happily guzzle gas all year round, not jut when it’s hooked up for towing, whereas, the motorhome, being self powered, means that you can have a smaller more economical car when you’re not camping. Motorhome hire is, therefore the superior choice.


What Else can my motorhome hire tow?

Towing a car with a motorhome is one option, but you could also tow a number of other things depending on your chosen leisure activity. If you’re an equestrian, hooking up your horse trailer to a motorhome gives you a far better place to prepare for the show and overnight accommodation than you’d get sleeping in your car while the horse is in it’s overnight stable. If watersports are more our thing, then towing a boat or jetski are just as easy.

If you’re using your motorhome as a mobile base of operations when working on location, hooking up a trailer full of your essential equipment saves it cluttering up your living space and if you really must, your motorhome can even tow a caravan.


What do I need to be aware of when Towing With A Motorhome?

Towing with any vehicle is something that requires practice and consideration, especially when it comes to reversing and parking, but motorhomes certainly have the muscle to move a trailer and are heavy enough to do so safely. However, weight and load distribution are both things you should be keenly aware of when towing. With motorhomes being large vehicles already and the rules about towing being as they are, towing too much weight with a motorhome could push the combined load over the 3.5 ton (plus 750 kg trailer) weight permissible on your driving licence, especially if you passed your driving test after the 1st of January 2007. You’ll need to know the specifics of the motorhome you intent to use as a tow vehicle, the specifics of the trailer and also the weight of what you’re planning on loading in either to ensure that you’re within the law when towing.

If in doubt, or for more information, feel free to contact us to discuss you requirements and get a better idea of what’s possible when towing with a motorhome.