If you are planning a motorhome holiday this year then why not head out to see what Europe has to offer in the summer or the winter. It is such a beautiful place all year round and well worth your time. Take a look at what we found for you!

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower - Priory Rentals motorhomes in Europe

The Eiffel Tower is one the most iconic attractions in the entire world. No matter where you are or who you are, if you are shown an image of the Eiffel tower you know straight away what and where it is. This means that the renowned attraction is well worth a visit when you get the opportunity. Located in the heart of Paris there is a number of other attractions nearby because the city centre its self is a hub of culture.

The nearest campsite that is motorhome friendly is the Indigo Paris, which boasts over 435 tent pitches and 75 motorhome pitches. It is located in a small hidden away piece of parkland within the city limits. It offers a short walk from the metro station, which can take you to the city centre within 10 minutes of leaving the site.


coliseum - Rome motorhome hire in europe - Priory Rentals

The Coliseum, or Flavian Amphitheatre, is an amazing site to behold and one of the most culturally significant buildings in Europe and the Mediterranean. The building is nearly 2000 years old and is so vast in size that the Romans used to fill the bottom with salt water, place ships on the water and hold mock sea battles and navy warfare re-enactments. The sheer size of this building alone makes it worth a visit.

Camping Village Roma is a great place to be able to stay in a motorhome if you are looking to visit the Coliseum. It is within the city limits of Rome and is only a small distance from the city centre if you are looking to reach the Coliseum for a day trip. Luckily, Rome has a lot more to offer in the local area such as museums and other cultural attractions, so a day trip or a small few days as a city break in a motorhome becomes a great idea.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar - Priory Rentals motorhome hire

The Grand Bazaar is the oldest marketplace in the world and to this day the second largest. If you are a person who likes to ponder at exotic oddities or simply want to get lost in over 60 streets of stores, each street holding 200+ stalls. This is well worth a visit. The only issue, however, is the road trip taking 3 days to reach the place (with 10 hours of driving a day).

There is a motorhome park called Mistik camping park, which is based in Kurnkoy. This is a short ferry ride to the city centre or a train ride dependent on how you choose to travel. The site its self is very economical but varies a lot depending on the time of year. The site also looks out over the black sea and offers amazing views in the summer months. This in turn makes it worth the drive just for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis of Athens - priory rentals motorhome hire

This is an ancient citadel based in Athens; the highest point in the city holds all of the older temples and ancient streets that used to be the heart of the greatest city in the Mediterranean. It is one of the oldest still inhabited settlements in the world reaching the age of 8,500 years old and for that reason, we added it to this list. It is historical and cultural significance makes it a key attraction in the European arsenal and well worth a visit to explore the bustling streets of 6,000 BC.

The nearest motorhome holiday location to the Acropolis would be Campsite Athens, which offers motorhome camping for as little as £20 a night all year round. A motorhome friendly site even allows pets and has an onsite pool so is well worth a visit if you are passing through to Acropolis.

Berlin Wall

motorhome hire in europe

The Berlin wall is one of the newest and most fearsome out of our selection. The iconic wall represents the torment and suffering of the citizens of Berlin during the post war depression. It holds sites such as Check Point Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, The Reich Stag and even the Brandenburg Gate. If you have a keen interest in the war or simply the culture of Europe and how it has been shaped by the conflict of the warring nations, then Berlin is a place for you.

There is a campsite within the city limits called Berlin Holiday and City Camping. It is just within the city limits so offers easy travelling benefits whilst being far enough from the city centre for a lot of peace and quiet in the evenings.

If any of these sites interest you then head over to our motorhome hire page and see what we have on offer for you.