Use Your Motorhome As A Base On Your Cycling Holiday

UK Cycling Routes Worth Seeking Out

Whether you’re a serious road cyclist, a leisurely pedal pusher or a downhill thrill junkie, there’s something about taking to the saddle and exploring the world under your own steam that’s incredibly liberating. If you’re a fan of cycling, why not hire a Motorhome, secure your bike on the back and set off in search of somewhere new to enjoy your pedalling.

In the UK, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to inspiring places to enjoy cycling. Whether the long largely flat roads of the countryside appeals to you, the beauty of a ride through the woodlands is more alluring, or the challenge of tackling steeper routes under your own power sound like your kind of thing, you’ll find numerous places to indulge your favourite cycling pleasure.


The Yorkshire Dales

It’s unlikely that you’ve managed to be a keen cyclist but not heard of the ‘Tour De Yorkshire’. Yorkshire is a fabulous place to enjoy cycling, no matter what type of terrain you prefer to tackle. If you’re headed to the Dales though, you’re in for a treat, so long as you don’t mind a few hills as well. With miles and miles of countryside, hills to climb and spectacular views to enjoy, you’re sure to find the scenery and the fresh clean air exhilarating. With so much open space, you’re as spoilt for choice in the selection of motorhome camping sites as you are for cycling routes.



The Scottish Highlands

If the Yorkshire Dales are a bit too tame for you, then perhaps the Scottish Highlands will offer more to satisfy the hardcore hill cycling enthusiasts. With ruggedly majestic scenery, relative seclusion and as much sharp, pure, invigorating air as you can breathe in, the cycling routes in the Highlands might well scratch your hill climbing itch.

Scotlands right to roam makes it an especially good place to find a secluded campsite of your choosing, parking up your motorhome and taking to the road for a day of self discovery. Just make sure you wrap up warm!



East Anglia & The Norfolk Broads

For those who like less of a chill and not so much hill, then East Anglia is a terrific place to take your motorhome and bicycle. With lots of relatively flat routes alongside picturesque waterways, you can enjoy a leisurely cycling rip as you explore everything the region has to offer on your own terms and at your own pace.



The New Forest National Park

If immersing yourself in nature sounds like your idea of a perfect cycling trip, then you’d surely enjoy a ride through the New Forest National Park. With miles and miles of tree-lined routes to explore, both on road and off road, you can pedal along at your own pace through the woodland. Keep an eye out for the wildlife which includes all creatures great and small. From Squirrels to Ponies and all manner of beasts in between.



Make a motorhome your mobile cycling hub

Hiring a motorhome is a perfect way to make the most of a cycling holiday. You can enjoy far more variety than you’d be able to manage on your bicycle alone, travel lighter when you’re on two wheels and always have welcoming luxury accommodation to return to after a long day’s pedalling.

Get in touch to find out which models would be best suitable for your cycling holiday.