Avoid the Festive Price Premiums With a Priory Motorhome

At Priory, we love the journey as much as the destination. Sometimes though, you have a definite place to be and a definite reason for going. Edinburgh, for example, is a fabulous place to visit and during winter has some spectacular experiences in store. So why not arrive in style and stay in comfort?

There’s something magical about Scotland in the Winter. The landscape is rugged and untamed, the climate bitter and unrelenting. There’s a sheer beauty there that’ll take your breath away. This is real winter, where you’ll have to dress for inclement conditions, face down the elements and dare them to do their worst.

Throughout the ages, anywhere in the World where the winter is dark and freezing, people gather closer together, light fires, sing songs and share feasts to stave off the coldest time of year. At the chilliest of times, therefore, Scotland’s welcome is at it’s warmest. Festivals abound and arguably the best of them can be found in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh.

No Room at the Inn?

With so many people flocking to the City to enjoy the best of the winter festivities, it’s no surprise that the numerous places to stay book up quickly and the rules of supply and demand mean that prices inevitably rise. This leaves you having to settle for the accommodation that’s amongst the least popular, due to either price, distance or quality.

At Priory, we can give you a second option, one that neatly sidesteps the usual issues of festival accommodation. Hiring a luxury motorhome for your Edinburgh excursion allows you to stay as close as parking will allow, for much less than a luxury hotel and to pack what you need without having to drag a suitcase around. Unlike Edinburgh hotels, our prices drop in the winter, so there’s no better way of getting the most out of your Scottish adventure than to hire a Priory Motorhome.


Edinburgh Light Night

In late November, the countdown to Christmas begins with the official switching on of the Christmas lights. The ‘Tree on The Mound’ is a Norwegian gift to the City of Edinburgh and serves as the focal point for a celebration attended by upwards of 20,000 people. Expect performances, choirs and fireworks.


Christmas Markets

It’s a staple of many a cosmopolitan city, however, the Christmas markets in Edinburgh are a unique experience, combining the best seasonal specialities from the continent, with everything Scotland has to offer.



The highlight of the Scottish Winter festivities, Hogmanay epitomises New Year. You’d be hard-pressed to find a City anywhere in the world which welcomes New Year with the enthusiasm to match that of Edinburgh. The whole City comes alive to push back the midwinter with a celebration of raucous, infectious gusto. Expect torchbearers, street performers, bagpipes, kilts, costumes, concerts, ceilidh dancing and even brave souls taking a dip in the freezing waters of the river Forth. Once you’ve experienced Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, New Year celebrations anywhere else are just a party.


What do you look forward to?

We’ve listed some of the highlights, but there’s so much more to see and to do in and around Edinburgh as we approach the festive season. What events would you attend if you had a Priory Motorhome at your disposal?