When it comes to travelling in a motorhome, we understand that for people who have never travelled in a motorhome before it can be a very difficult decision. Most people need to know what the benefits are and at a glance, they are sometimes not as obvious for the average person in comparison to a seasoned motorhome user. Therefore, we have put together everything you need to make sure you get right in order to make your motorhome holiday special.

motorhome holiday


Plan Your Location

If you want to be able to have an ocean view, forest aesthetic or even just rolling hills right outside your window, then a motorhome holiday is always going to be better for you. A hotel can charge literally anything they want for a sea view, meaning that for you to be able to wake up to a beautiful view it could end up costing you an extreme amount of money. However, in a motorhome all you need to do is position your motorhome to face north. This means that you will have the sunrise through the right hand side of the motorhome cabin and the sun set on your left. Giving you a wide range of beautiful views.

If that is not enough you can simply park in any environment to enjoy it in, meaning that if you do not really like the idea of a city centre hostel, that is fine. Simply book a motorhome, drive out the mountains or the coast and watch the sun set.

Open Space

When it comes to a motorhome holiday, you are not restricted to time, location or anything else for that matter. You can literally go anywhere with a road connected to it making the entire country and continent your playground. It also gives you the freedom of variation, when you travel by rail or plane you could find yourself heading over to one location and maybe having to stay nearby for a return flight or train. A motorhome means that if you wanted you could head to Spain one day and enjoy the sun and beaches before heading to the Alps a few days later to relax and cool off.


When it comes to renting a motorhome, it is a lot more efficient than the other options available. When you hire a hotel room and travel by car or plane you have a lot of waiting time for your services, things like waiting for public transport, waiting for hotel staff and waiting for meals in restaurants are all going to take time away from your holiday. This time could be spent with your friends or family out exploring or doing other more engaging activities that have a lot more fun involved in them.


When it comes to bringing luggage along on a standard hotel holiday, you might have a little too much to carry, especially if you are travelling for a hobby or profession, which requires significant equipment. There are few other methods of transportation that offer the space a motorhome can offer whilst still maintaining all of the benefits above. This in turn makes a motorhome well worth looking into if you are considering a getaway this year for a hobby or work related journey.

If any of these benefits have you interested in a motorhome get away this summer, then why not take a look through our full motorhome range!