When Van Hire Is the Answer

When your day job is in an office, store front or somewhere a little less physical than your average builder or plumber. The chances are you are not going to own a van, simply because you are not going to need one very often. However, there are times when you will need a van or simply times when you do not really need one but it would make your day a lot easier if you had one. This is where priory rentals come in offering everything from small vans to Luton boxes with electric lifts in our van hire selection.

Clearing Out the House/Garden

When it comes to having a clear out and having to transport all your old things to the tip or recycling centre, it may not all fit in your car. Things like old furniture, appliances or garden waste can take up a lot of room in the average car and can even leave a lot of mess. van hire, will a lot of the time, work out cheaper than getting a valeting at your local centre. This means that not only will using the car be difficult or simply not possible, but also having it cleaned afterwards can result in a higher cost than hiring the van to begin with.

Cheaper Than Delivery Charges

When you are purchasing objects such as large kitchen appliances, furniture or large objects in general, the delivery fees can sometimes be very steep with a wide range of hidden charges. These charges can range from hidden mileage charges, delivering into your home instead of outside and even the weight of the item, which for appliances such as fridges and washing machines can be high. Van hire is sure to be a lot cheaper than most delivery services and it ensures that your items are being looked after on their journey, not being banged about in the delivery van.

Moving House

Moving house can be a very daunting task and even more so a stressful one. Hiring removal men to come and help you to move can be expensive coming to prices excessive of £40 an hour plus expenses.  A much more sensible option is hiring a Luton Box from priory rentals so you will not have to worry about the weight of objects as you load them onto the van its self. The amount of money you will save will be in the hundreds, and for larger homes could even be over a £1000, so it is well worth your consideration.

Why Priory?

The best thing about Priory Rentals Van Hire service is it is a lot more affordable than the bigger names and you get a much more personal, friendlier and higher quality service. For example, when you get a van from Enterprise will cost you £168.99 per day for an extra large van. This “extra large van will still be just smaller than our Luton Boxes and does not have an electric lift for heavier objects. Yet, here at priory we will only ask for $45 for a Bigger Van that has been cleaned and has an electric lift so you will not have to struggle.

Look at our Van Hire selection for yourself or give us a call on 01606 351553 for Cheshire and 01254 368090 for Lancashire, we are always happy to help.