Many people overlook the fact that a hire car can come cheap yet have so many different uses. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a hire car next time you’re going on those long distance journeys.


Those long journeys to say London or somewhere else that is far away could leave you putting far too many miles on your car which is never good. Priory Rentals offers a more then adequate amount of miles a day on our cars meaning you can get to those far away locations in the UK or even across Europe. This makes a hire car seem so much better as it you are driving to say France for example or Italy, you will most certainly rack up a lot of miles that will run down your car. Do the smart thing and consider a hire car, a perfect car for this multi country journey could be either a Ford Focus or an Audi A3. These two cars give great leg room and added comforts whilst at the same time looking sharp and allowing the drivers and passengers to bring lots of luggage. This is going to be the best option as you don’t want to be travelling Europe with minimalistic luggage.

Petrol Costs

If you drive a big car or are a hands on sort of person and drive a van then a small car could be the best option for fuel efficiency, if you are going away for a break. Why waste the extra money pulling around a massive car or a huge van when you’re not needing it and you could be spending your money on a better hotel or experience. Have a look at the Hyundai i30 for a very efficient choice.


Some cars may not be able to accommodate a surplus of passengers. An example would be a new mini or a smaller vehicle. If you’re going away this summer then have a look at our bigger cars that you can rent out and get everybody inside. Take a look at our Land Rover Discovery for its spacious nature and large capacity.

Your car being MOT’d

Hire cars are also good when you don’t have your own available car or don’t have a car at all but have need of one for a one off journey or to be able to get to work whilst yours is being MOT’d. This is always the best option as getting trains and buses to work every day when you’re used to driving can be a pain and you never know, you may even begin to like the hire car more and end up with the same type of car in the future. Try our Vauxhall Corsa when it comes to adjusting to a new car, it’s the perfect balance between size and efficiency when it comes to day to day life so you should feel fine with it.

If you have any questions about our rental cars then don’t hesitate to get in touch.