Why Motorhome Holidays are The Best Holidays

Priory Rentals has noticed a huge increase in people choosing to hire their motorhomes from us year on year and for that reason we thought we would tell you why you’re missing out on not hiring a motorhome with Priory Rentals for your next holiday.

Motorhomes Are Great Value for Money

When you hire a motorhome from Priory Rentals, you get a lot for your money and in turn you will know straight away that it was worth booking with us. All of our prices are very competitive and our standards of service are better overall than that of that of other motorhome hire companies, which may trap you with mileage caps or other hidden charges.

However, what people seem to overlook is how much better value we are in comparison to other alternatives such as city breaks and weekends abroad. Priory Rentals comes at a much cheaper price and can offer you a wider range of experiences such as a road trip in the Scottish isles or hiking in the Pennines.

A great example of how our services are better value than other holiday alternatives is by simply using Leeds as an averaged priced city break example. Leeds is a city in Yorkshire and is not too expensive or cheap, Leeds prices tend to come in around average for a hotel in the UK so it is a great example. The average price for a hotel in Leeds is between £60 – £70, then you have meals for everybody on top of this cost which works out as at least £10 pounds a day per person for a full day in the city centre. Finally, you have your commute to the city followed by your commute around the city costing you a varied amount depending on where you travelled from and the cost for taxi’s or public transport when you get there.

If you were to get two average hotel rooms in Leeds for your family (2 children, 2 adults) then the hotel and food alone would cost more than the hire of the motorhome for that day. This is well in advance of considering things such as your commuting funds saved that can be spent on activities whilst away or even another motorhome getaway in the future. This, in turn, makes the motorhome hire option much more economically friendly and at the same time allows you to be able to completely cut out some certain costs.

Everything in One Place

Booking a holiday can sometimes be a very fun and relaxing task, however, on the most part, it tends to be painstakingly difficult to find a hotel that matches up with your flights and/or trains, more so in peak times of year. Therefore, it can be a whole load easier to simply book a priory rentals motorhome and have all of your accommodation and transport all in one place. This is then accompanied by the obvious extras of an unlimited baggage allowance and the simple fact that food and drink are not a worry as you are travelling with a kitchen in your vehicle. It seems a no brainer to take a motorhome on your next getaway.

British Countryside

Complete Freedom in a Motorhome

In a motorhome, you get a lot more freedom than you do on other forms of holiday. If you were to simply book a hotel then you would be stuck with, that hotel until there ends of your getaway and your turn home, along with being stuck with select flights and other issues. However, a motorhome gives you complete freedom to be able to drive where you want and stay where you want when every you want to go there. In turn making priory rentals motorhome hire an amazing idea.

More People

On a motorhome holiday, you have the availability to bring more people than you do would if you travelled abroad, simply as this is a more cost-effective option.  This makes it easier for you to bring along your entire family or even a few extra friends as you can always split the cost of the motorhome and taker to the open road.

If you are interested in taking a motorhome on your new getaway then take a look at our entire range of motorhomes for hire.