When the savage winter comes to the UK, there are a large proportion of people who like to get indoors and stay warm around a fire with the family. However, a very small minority take to the countryside and embrace the brutal weather with open arms.

Ice climbing, Downhill Mountain biking and skiing becomes a common site within the national parks and the highlands. See below for the priory rentals guide to winter sports.


Winter Sports in the UK - skiing

Skiing within UK in difficult in the summer months with limited locations available, the public prefer the more comfortable indoor skiing locations such as “freeze” or “chill factor” based in London and Manchester within the summer months. However, these locations do not give you the full aesthetics of the open mountain air and the adrenaline rush that outdoor slope skiing offers the brave adventurer meaning that when winter comes the mountains are primed for skiers.

The most prestigious of locations within the UK for winter sports will always be the Cairngorms. The altitude and the views that are given are unrivalled throughout anywhere else in the UK, which gives the edge over other similar locations. However the cairngorms also have a more notorious appeal to them and are not for the faint hearted or inexperienced

For The Learner

Glencoe region or Nevis range are also available for the less confident or still learning skier that is looking to be a part of the winter sports community. The slopes in the region are much more forgiving. Experience will always be better than fitness training and cardio when it comes to skiing on the ranges. Remember to consider this when choosing the course you commit to and take time to do the research before leaving for your destination.

Motorhomes can be perfect in this environment as they can travel well within the proximity of the slope. This in turn means that when you have completed the course or for whatever reason cannot carry on then you can return the comfort and warmth of the mobile home and plan your next route. It also works as a valuable asset if you want to spend more time on the slope as it gives you less travelling time between the slope and your hotel as the motorhome will have the capabilities of parking close to the slopes.

Ice climbing

Winter Sports in the UK- Ice Climber

Once again, the Cairngorms have a reputation for being a professional location for a wide range of winter sports, especially ice climbing. The primary reason being the altitude and geographic location giving the rock face an average of 18cm of ice. This is the more favoured level of ice when it comes to climbing as it means that the ice is thick enough to hold a 16cm screw in most places but not thick enough to trap large air pockets which occur around the 20cm area. The main reason this is great is that the air pockets themselves can make the ice screws practically worthless. Therefore, if you were looking to increase your expertise with ice climbing then we would strongly recommend getting some lessons within the cairngorms and practising there before taking to the grade V routes.

The main reason this winter sport is perfect for motorhomes is due to the remote nature of the cliff faces. Most of the climbing courses throughout England are in more remote and hard to reach locations. This means that getting from the climbing locations to a hotel can be very difficult in the later hours of the day or evening. Even more so after a long and tiring day on the cliff face. Taking a mobile home into Scotland allows full use of the campsites that tend to be in these more remote locations and gives more time on the ridges and cliff faces.

Mountain Biking

Winter Sports in the UK - Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is measured in three stages ranking “novice”, “Intermediate” and “master”. Most locations will have an open range of difficulties that allow them to by a wider range of the public. With the down side of not being specific to one type of cyclist, this in turn means some sections may be too easy for hard for any given cyclist. This in turn then begins taking the thrill away from the track. However, a small minority of sites are more select for certain difficulties, this in turn keeps the tracks challenging but still possible as the cyclist progresses.

Novice – Doethie Valley

There are novice tracks can be located in every county throughout the UK. However, they tend to lack an element of challenge, which is required to progress into the more difficult and challenging courses. This makes Doethie Valley a perfect choice as it has simpler tracks that get more and more challenging as the course progresses. This allows the cyclist to gradually build upon the skill set they have as they move further through the valley. The rider will be more than ready for the intermediate tracks by the time they reach the end.

Intermediate – Long Mynd

This trail is a small step up from the simpler tracks of Doethie Valley. It has a wider range of terrains and slopes that give it a more mountainous feel and rigid ride. It also has many variations that range from a standard intermediate to a more challenging higher intermediate. This allows the rider to try themselves on the more difficult courses, further growing their biking skill set. The course its self has two separate bikes stores. This allows the rider to mend a punctured tire of slight frame damaged quickly and efficiently to get them back on the route.

Master – Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye houses some of the most rigid and unique terrain in the UK, it has a vertical aspect meaning that it can be very difficult and physically tiring. This range is more for the pro bikers and should not be undertaken without a very large amount of biking hours and having previously conquered a wide range of mountainous tracks. You should always take a friend or a partner to this range, the main reason being that if something were to happen you will have somebody with you.

Why A Motorhome?

Motorhomes are the chosen method of accommodation and transport for the mountain biking community. The main reason for this is the benefit of efficiency. The motorhomes themselves offer transport and accommodation and bike storage, this makes them more efficient economically.

There is then also the fact that they can be parked on the track its self giving them the aspect of closeness and a smaller transport time from the trails to the motorhome its self. In turn being more time efficient.

Finally, they are more socially viable. Allowing the ability to take family or friends and sleep in a motorhome rather than a tent. This allows the cyclists to be able to relax comfortably, plan routes or simply socialise as a group and discuss the trails.

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