Working on location from a luxury motorhome

Whether you’re a photographer, a contractor, a musician, or a movie-star, chances are that you regularly work far away from home. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of a relaxing motorhome stopover on-location, Priory is here to help.

Booking somewhere to stay, getting to your destination, checking in, unpacking, securing your gear while on location, packing up, checking out, then going somewhere new and repeating the process can get pretty trying pretty quickly. What if all of these steps were combined into one?

A luxury motorhome from Priory is unquestionably a better option for working on location. Once you’ve loaded up everything you need at home it’ll be with you for the duration of your trip. Simply stow and go, for a less stressful experience.


If you’re in an industry where time is money, a motorhome can save you both.

If you consider the cost of a hotel room, even a modest room can exceed the price of hiring a motorhome. The location you’re working might be quite a distance away from where you’re staying, so you’ll have to pack up your valuable gear each day (or risk leaving it in your room), set off early enough to arrive on time, then reverse that process afterwards.

In a motorhome, you can wake up, already on location, already accompanied by your neatly organised, safely stored equipment. When you’re ready, just walk out of your motorhome and work. When you’re finished, walk back in and either relax or drive off.

In terms of cost, a motorhome can be quite a saving, but in terms of the experience, it’s an upgrade.


Don’t settle for the onsite catering

On a larger gig, shoot, or event, there’ll likely be catering, but if there isn’t, or you’re not keen on the food, then you needn’t settle for what’s available. With a well-equipped kitchen, you can prepare your meals exactly how you want. Choose your own menu, stock your own fridge and dine whenever you feel like it. You can also choose who you sit with and even watch your own TV in peace while you’re eating.


It’s a micro-meeting room

As a base of operations, a motorhome provides a pleasant, comfortable, private setting to host a meeting when there’s no office or boardroom. It also serves as a great networking prop. Surely everyone will want to check the inside of your motorhome, even if only as an excuse to relax in a pleasant environment during a coffee break.


It’s still a leisure vehicle

Even if you’re choosing to hire a motorhome to make working away from home an easier and cheaper experience, don’t forget that what you’re doing for utility and economy, others do for fun. Being in command of a motorhome is a joy all by itself, so make sure you enjoy the experience.

Take the scenic route, take more stops, explore a little and allow the freedom of the open road to relax you. Speak to us about how your next on-location job can be made more enjoyable with a Priory Motorhome.